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Wild Foods

Wild foods are at the heart of what we do here at Robin Wylde, here are a few of our favourites...



Frequently on our menu, gorse is an evergreen shrub commonly found across the UK. We love it for it's sweet coconutty flavour and regularly include it on our soft drink's pairing or as a garnish on our tasting menu. 

Jack by the Hedge

Jack by the Hedge, also known as Garlic Mustard is an abundant hedgerow herb at it's best in early spring with a slightly bitter, garlicky flavour. It is such a versatile leaf and it regularly makes an appearance in the restaurant.



A succulent woodland, hedgerow dweller with beautiful rounded leaves. Their mild taste make them the perfect little garnish or salad flourish.

Herb Robert

Herb Robert, found in the woodlands and shady hedgerows is often used medicinally due to it's plethora of health benefits. But, it makes a beautiful garnish, often sneaking its way onto our menu, with its and pretty delicate leaves and subtle spicy flavour.



Meadowsweet is a sweet perennial herb that is commonly found in UK hedgerows. With beautiful white blossoms that burst out in June and a sweet vanilla like flavour it's definitely one of the wild foods we look forward to most each year.


Stitchwort is a flowering perennial. It has a mild flavour and stunning little white flowers, making it the perfect garnish!


Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy is a common evergreen, often found in woodlands and hedgerows. It has a delicious herbal flavour reminiscent of mint and sage. 


Woodruff is one of our favourite foragables at both Robin Wylde and Lilac. A member of the bedstraws family with a delicious flavour like vanilla and hay.


Pineapple Weed

Pineapple weed is a plant that loves bad soil and as a result is super common. What we love about this plant is it's delicious, exotic pineapple flavour that almost seems wrong to exist in a plant so widespread in the UK.


A common garden flower, also found wild among the hedgerows. The petals have a beautiful floral flavour and the rosehips are often boasted as a super food.



Possibly one of the more recognisable plants on this list, grows abundantly across the UK. You'd be hard pressed not to find nettles near you- yet such a delicious ingredient!


Elderflower is a British favourite and it's white flowers decorate hedgerows and parks in the early summer. It makes a beautifully refreshing summer drink.

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