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Nettles can be found all year round. They go through different life stages throughout the year often flowering and seeding between June and October.




The leaves have serrated edges and come to a point much like an arrow head. The leaves grow in pairs either side of the stem. Both the leaves and stems are covered in fine hairs which will sting when touched.


Nettles are very adaptable and can thrive in bad soil and are therefore found everywhere, hedgerows, meadows, woodlands. 


Nettles have a flavour like spinach but more umami. They're widely regarded as a superfood and often used in teas or soups, but can also be cooked down like spinach. At Robin Wylde we have a long standing snack on our menu using a tempura nettle leaf as a base and served with cod roe and carrot, such a versatile leaf. Though it is reported the leaves shouldn't be eaten after the plant has flowered as it then contains chemicals which can affect the urinary tract.

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