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Robin Wylde was a restaurant created by Harriet in 2019. Starting out life as a pop up tasting menu at The Pop Up Kitchen in Lyme Regis, it was met with great support, and went on to inhabit 63 Silver Street as its more permanent home. In October 2023 Robin Wylde in Silver Street closed due to a decision to evolve and develop the dining concept and food style. 

Robin Wylde served a tasting menu that was centred around wild foods, and closely followed the seasons. Harriet foraged for everything that went on the menu herself, and believed in the value of being closely connected to nature and the seasons. 

Whilst 'Robin Wylde' is currently no more, Harriet is working on another dining project, an evolution of what was created and served at Robin Wylde, in a new, more intimate chefs table setting - 'the garden table' at Lilac, launching in June 2024. 

Head to the Lilac & Garden Table page for more information and details on how to book.

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