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Herb Robert

Herb Robert often starts to flower in May until around September but weather conditions can mean it can flower much later in the year.




Herb Robert is identified by its feathered, asymmetric leaves and delicate pink flowers. The leaves often start to get a red tinge in the sun, so later in the season the leaves may be more red than green.


Herb Robert, thrives in damp, shady positions. It is often found in woodland and hedgerows.


Herb Robert is highly regarded for it's health benefits and is most often used for things like tea, taking the leaves, either fresh or dried and infusing into hot water to directly benefit from it. Here at Robin Wylde, we also often use the pretty leaves as a garnish and it has most recently featured on our Crab & Ginger, Miso Croustade but can also be used simply tossed through a salad.

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