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Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy is an evergreen, meaning the leaves are available almost all year round. It flowers in the summer and autumn.




Ground Ivy leaves are bright green and rosette/kidney shaped and the plant grows in a webbed, trailing way along the ground much like an ivy would, hence the name. (It is not however a member of the ivy family). In the summer it has small purple flowers.


Ground Ivy grows abundantly, it can be found in woodlands, hedgerows and grassland.


Ground Ivy has a fragrant, herbal flavour. It's a delicate cross between mint and thyme and as a result lends itself perfectly to both sweet and savoury dishes. The younger leaves can be used as a leafy vegetable, like spinach would be. It can also be infused into syrups and dairy, in the restaurant we did a fun twist on a mint chocolate dessert, with a Ground Ivy pannacotta and a dark chocolate cremeux. 

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