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Our Ethos 


Robin Wylde has and continues to serve as a lens through which Harriet, Dani & team have been able to research the natural world. It has been a very tangible project to explore and discover the natural, edible world around us, and serve it up through our tasting menu. 


Having been initially driven by the spectrum of flavour that was simply not accessible in the supermarket, alongside a thirst to uncover and unlock the stories, information, nutrition, history and meaning of the plants that we were finding and using, cooking at Robin Wylde has been a true expression of our journey. Our ethos has been centred around the idea of connecting to wild foods and indigenous practices, taking inspiration from other cultures from around the world, as well as our own, through the exploration of these plants and different methods of extracting flavour.

There is a connection and community that exist between us all. We feel inspired by our edible resources and would love nothing more than to be a part of and encourage conversation on our connection to the world around us. It is my belief that educating people about native and wild foods, alongside an education on the foods that we should and could be eating, is more important than ever. No matter whether a person is in the country or the city, to offer a lens through which to view the world that will inspire and captivate, to place a value on the world around us, can inspire and bridge the gaps between people and places. 


At Robin Wylde, we are driven by this spectrum of flavour, the alchemy of cooking and transformation, understanding the hazards and pitfalls of using wild ingredients in order that we can use them in not just a safe, but a sustainable and beneficial way. We are working on a comprehensive and practical overview of using wild edibles in this informed way, an essential compendium for every professional kitchen. This is a resource that does not currently exist in any accessible capacity. 

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