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Stitchwort flowers start to appear in early spring and last until around June.




Stitchwort is most recognisable by its flowers. Small and white with 5 petals, each petal with a deep notch giving the illusion that each petal is in fact 2. The leaves of Stitchwort are long and pointed and sit in pairs on opposite sides of the stem, forming an almost V shape. The video below is of chickweed, which is a close relative. 


Stitchwort grows in hedgerows, roadsides, gardens and woodlands and is very common.


Stitchwort is thought to be a good herbal remedy for a stitch, hence it's name. We however, use stitchwort mainly as a garnish due to it's pretty flowers and delicate leaves. It has a mild grassy flavour which doesn't intrude in dishes but is a great addition in salads or as a final flourish on a dish.

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