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 Garden Table

Lilac is a Restaurant and Wine Bar set in a cosy 400 year old cellar on Broad Street, Lyme Regis. We serve a small plates menu that offers the best of the season. We are passionate about showcasing seasonal and local food alongside some exceptional wines from organic, biodynamic and low intervention wine makers. To visit the website and make a booking click here

​Our new dining space the 'garden table' launched in June 2024, designed by Harriet and Anna Wardrop, They have created a sheltered woodland style outside space that will provide the perfect plant filled backdrop for Harriet's wild food tasting menus. To find out more about this chefs table dining experience, the tasting menus and how to book, scroll down. 

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Tasting menu at the


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Garden Table

The details 

Tasting menu price - £79

Every Monday and Tuesday commencing 24th June 2024

14 seats per evening 

Bookings open at midday on Wednesday 24th January and will cover the period from the 24th June through until the beginning of September. 

Soft drinks pairing and wine pairing available

The garden table will be covered and protected from the elements to a degree, however, in the event of inclement weather conditions, we will dine inside. 

Arrive at Lilac anytime from 5pm onwards for an aperitif and small nibbles. The space will be open exclusively for people who are having the chefs table dinner. 

Dinner thereafter will commence with small bites at the garden table from 6pm. 

We will, from time to have, offer experiences before the dinner such as foraging. Please mention if you are interested in this on booking..


To book


The ticket price of £79.00 is required and is refundable up to ten days prior to your booking. After that point, you would be welcome to sell your ticket or you can ask us to sell your ticket and we will be happy to assist if we can.

Waiting list

If the date you wish to book for is unavailable, we operate a waiting list.

Gift vouchers

Should you wish to redeem a gift voucher please ensure that you include the voucher reference code with your booking. 


We offer one set tasting menu only that showcases the best seasonal produce available to us. We use wild foods throughout the menu. We do not cater for dietary preferences and will only cater for genuine food allergies. We do not yet offer a vegan menu and cannot cater for extensive dietary requirements. Please check dietary requirements that you may have prior to booking. We will be unable to cater for dietary requirements on the evening that we have not been made aware of prior. This is due to the nature of the dining experience.

Please note that Lilac restaurant & wine bar does however cater for all dietary requirements. 

What Harriet has to say about the experience

''My menu at the Lilac Garden Table will be, as ever, wild foods focussed. I forage for all of the ingredients that go on the menu myself. Part of the evolution of the menu and style of dining is to create a small and intimate space - I will be cooking on the fire nearby the dining table, and the table will be sat amidst greenery in a woodland garden style setting.


The menu will lean into the stories of our area - history and folklore (just as my original Robin Wylde menus did) to bring the stories of the land to life. I have always had a passion for story, and history, and these menus are tapping into all of my passions and interests combined. To have the opportunity to bring the next wave of cooking my menu in a freshly designed space is something I am incredibly excited about.


This allows me to continue to develop my style and offering while I work on securing the perfect location for the future restaurant, rooms and education space.


The menu will focus on a diverse range of vegetables, plants and flavours, with wild fish and wild meat in smaller quantities. It will be a more refined offering and menu, that I am  in the process of developing now. The menu will start with a selection of snacks and will lead into small dishes that weave through a kind of journey of the food of the area. 


Expect to see pine, spruce and larch featuring heavily, with the flavours of summer flowers. Bitter leaves and smoked flavours. Wild fish and wild meat such as venison, nuts, seeds. Slow processes of flavour extraction through fermentation and other processes of preservation. 

This 10 part (probably) tasting menu will be accompanied by a wine pairing and a wild foods soft drinks pairing also created by me and team. For an idea of what to expect, you will receive a selection of around 6 small bites, followed by four larger plates, a pre-dessert, dessert and sweet bites at the end. This may change as it depends on the theme of the menu and feeling at the time.

The entire menu is representative of a desire to honour processes that take time, and to work on doing things with care and attention. By learning skills and handcrafting as many elements as possible, which I am currently doing, (woodcutting and calligraphy to name a couple!) it imbues the entire project, from my perspective, with a slow and calm level of care and attention to detail that I want, that will elevate this project sufficiently to a level that is an evolution of 'Robin Wylde'.


I am excited and can't wait to share this with people. It's everything I believe in and love. 

Lilac Gallery

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