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Pineapple Weed

Pineapple Weed season usually starts in early summer, around May and continues through to around October time.




Pineapple weed leaves are fine and feathery and almost identical to those of chamomile. The head of the flower is daisy/chamomile-esque with a yellow centre and lacks the petals.


Pineapple weed thrives in poor soil conditions so is often found on paths, around gateways, roadsides and even in pavement cracks.


Pineapple weed has a very strong pineapple taste and smell which is where it gets its name from. Having such an exotic, tropical flavour makes it an exciting ingredient to have available to us, especially as in the restaurant we try to use ingredients as locally as we can. We love to pickle it and always have a stash of pineapple weed vinegar tucked away for a touch of fruity, tropical acidity. Equally it enhances our soft drinks pairing in the form of kombuchas and cordials. It also makes an incredible tea. At Lilac our favourite way to use it is in our Pineapple Daquiri.

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