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Roses are forageable from early summer-mid autumn, the flowers often bloom in the early summer, with the rosehips starting to redden in the late summer. 




Roses are usually recognisable as a common flower. The look will vary depending on the species of rose but the stems will often be thorny and the leaves will form a pattern of 2-4 oval leaves in pairs, either side of the stem, with one leaf at the end of the stem. Petal formation and colour varies but rosehips when ripe will always be red, dark/almost black or orange.


Roses grow wild in hedgerows, coastal paths, waste ground but are also a highly prized garden flower.


Both the flowers and the rosehips are edible. The petals are best infused into vinegars, syrups and teas and have a beautiful delicate floral flavour. The hips are also edible, they do however have tiny hairs on the seeds which can irritate the digestive tract meaning extreme care should be taken to remove them. The hips make great jellies and coridals though and are widely regarded as superfood!

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