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Friday 5th May 2023


Pine sorbet

Tempura nettle, cod roe, carrot 

Pomme souffle, three cornered leek

Pine, magnolia & rhubarb croustade

Wild garlic bite 

Bread & butter 

Gurnard, black mustard, wild garlic, juniper, cabbage flowers

Lamb tostada, nettle, pickles, Alexander


Cucumber & cherry blossom 

Bay, white chocolate, rhubarb, wood sorrel



Summer 2022


Bread & Butters 

Carpe Diem, Knightor

Elderflower kombucha 

Oyster, herb robert

Brand Riesling, Stein & Fels

Raspberry, pink pepper, fennel shrub 

Plaice, gooseberry, fennel

Laventura, MacRobert & Canals

Bay, black pepper 

Lamb, English rose & fava bean harissa,

smoked yogurt

Barbera Bonelli, Colli Piacentini 

Beetroot wine 

Strawberry, ground ivy

Domaine Catera, Jurancon 

Honey & rose kombucha 

Spring 2022


Bread & Butters

Method Traditionelle, Find & Foster

Rhubarb & fennel seed shrub 

Scallop & hazelnut

Carpe Diem, Knightor

Apple & Rosemary shrub

Parsnip tart

Laventura Viera, MacRobert & Canals

Gorse & bitters 

Duck, spring salad 

Barbera Bonelli, Colli Piacentini

Beetroot Wine

Pumpkin seed

Domaine Castera, Famille Lihour

Lilac & woodruff kombucha 

Winter 2021


Bread & Butters

Knightor, Madeleine Angevine

Gorse & lemon

Cuttlefish, artichoke, cabbage

MacRobert & Canals, Laventura

Rye Kvass

Oat, mushrooms, goat curd

Fitapreta, The Clockwork Orange

Binary 0.5

Game flatbread

Xavier, Cotes du Rhone

Plum & fermented blackcurrant

Financier, chai, pear,

Chateau Barouillet, Monbazar
Meadowsweet & honey

Autumn 2021


Bread & Butters 

Furleigh, Classic Cuvee

Flowering quince shrub

Mackerel & squash

Brand Riesling

Fig & blackcurrant leaves

Miso broth, cockles, hedgehog mushrooms

Laventura Viura

Rye kvass

Hake, golden beet, sea buckthorn, honey



Partridge, beetroot, fermented blackcurrant


Damson & bay

Plum cake, rosemary



Summer 2021


Bread & Butters 

Langham Culver

Fig leaf fizz

Sea bass, tomato, oregano

Davenport Horsmonden Dry

Lemon verbena & ginger

Chilled cucumber soup

Brand Riesling

Gooseberry & mint

Summer Salad 

Fanny Sabre

Rhubarb Shrub

Pork & Gooseberries 

En Carran Burgundy Pinot Noir

Rye Kvass


Blackcurrant & yogurt 

Causse Marines

Flowering quince fizz

Spring 2021 


Madeline Angevine, Knightor 

Flowering quince shrub 

Beets & Bread 

Riesling, Brand Brothers 

Gorse & lemon

Seaweed broth & scallop 

Terres Macconnaises, Emmanual Giboulot

Apple & bay kombucha 

Carrot & ginger 

A Laranja Mecanica, Fitapreta

Rhubarb & figleaf

Pork & wild garlic

Ainsi Soit II, Chateau Montdoyen

Blackberry & tarragon 

Caramel Custard 

Monbazaar, Chateau Barouillet 

Pineapple weed & mint 

Our menu evolves and shifts quickly, so we don't post a current menu. Instead, if you dine with us, you will be taken on the journey with us as we see it. We forage daily, working completely in line with growth and availability, which is impacted by a great many variables. It is from this availability, or indeed restriction, that the spark of creativity for our menu is born. This beauty of working closely with nature and all of its nuances and unpredictabilities gives us tremendous inspiration. 

For an idea of what has come before, see below for a selection of past menus. 

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