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'If a tree falls'

'If a tree falls' is a podcast presented by Harriet Mansell, a chef who forages for her menu, and whose passion is working with wild foods.

In this podcast, Harriet interviews the people that not only inspire her but are also working closely connected with nature,  She gets an opportunity to examine their what and why, what gets them out of bed in the morning , and what gives them meaning and purpose in life.


Watch the film below with the volume on so you can hear more about it.  

Filmed on the winter solstice 2023

On anamorphic lenses, by Sam Combes of Stunray Studios 



Named after the philosophical question 'if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?'  


Each episode involves Harriet going for a walk in the woods or somewhere outside with her guest, and they cover various different wild ingredients. The podcast and walk is loosely based around the indigenous principle of going into the woods to find some food, and coming out with a piece of information or an insight about yourself or something greater.


We explore with each guest what they do,to celebrate and understand what they have learned along the way. It is therefore a podcast centred around wild foods, but delves into the greater connection that exists between everything.

One episode will release every Tuesday starting from the 13th February 2024.

Listen through Spotify, apple or google podcasts. 

To listen via Spotify click here

Schedule & Guests 

Season 1 

Episode 1 & 2 - Felix Flicker 

Episode 3 & 4 - Robin Harford

Episode 5 & 6 - Nicholas Phillips 

Episode 7 & 8 - René Redzepi


Season 2

Episode 9 & 10 - Mark Hix 

Episode 11 & 12 - Polly Hilton & Sophie Gregory 

Episode 13 & 14 - Sophie Gregory

Episode 15 & 16 Pam Corbin aka 'Pam the Jam'

Season 3

Episode 17 & 18 - Rachel De Thample

Episode 19 & 20 - Sam Lomas

Releasing one episode per week at 5am every Tuesday morning from the 13th February onwards. 

Guest information 

Felix Flicker 

Felix is a theoretical physicist and author of  'The Magick of Matter: Crystals, Chaos, and the Wizardry of Physics'. He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol."

Robin Harford 

Robin is a foraging expert and author of multiple foraging handbooks. His foraging courses are listed at the top of BBC Countryfile’s ‘Best foraging courses in the UK’.

Nicholas Phillips 

Nick is a mushroom forager and farmer. He is a fountain of knowledge on the folklore and stories behind wild foods. 

René Redzepi

René is world renowned chef and owner of Noma in Copenhagen. 

Mark Hix

Mark MBE is an English chef and restaurateur whose traditional English menus often feature foraged and local foods.

Polly Hilton 

Polly is the founder and mastermind befind fine cider company Find & Foster 

Sophie Gregory 

Sophie is an organic, regenerative dairy farmer from Somerset, winner of dairy woman of the year in 2022

Pam Corbin 

Aka 'Pam the Jam'. Pam is a preserver, author and teacher. She is renowned for her expertise.

Rachel De Thample

Rachel is an award winning author and fermentation expert.

Sam Lomas

Sam is an award winning food writer and chef.

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