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Robin Wylde: What is happening now?

What the heck is going on with Robin Wylde? It seems, he is shutting shop. But wait..... what? And why....

Well, it's just not the case 🤷🏻‍♀️

Robin Wylde has gone into lockdown for the next few weeks. Not closing for good, simply concluding phase one of this great adventure....

Harriet is off to Australia next week for her best mate's wedding, there is one heck of a hen do planned, attendance is non-negotiable. Meanwhile, in Lyme Regis, we are scouting for permanent premises. Like a witch's cauldron, things are bubbling away. To keep things going in the interim, Robin Wylde will be back in The Pop Up Kitchen for the whole of January, doing Tuesday to Saturday evenings, we are taking bookings already so feel free to get in touch. We are also looking for a venue to 'takeover' for a couple of weeks, ideally in late November / December time. No luck yet, but ears to the ground, if anyone has any ideas then please do let us know.


Also on the agenda, is that we are seeking an enthusiastic someone who wants to come and work with Harriet and team for the month of January. Someone who wants to work in the kitchen but also get involved in all aspects of running a pop up kitchen. This, presumably would suit someone who wants to learn how a pop up kitchen can be run, and get heavily involved with the food preparation, planning, plating and service. Alongside learning about the wine and drinks pairings, there will as plentiful visits to local farms, vineyards and suppliers. GET IN TOUCH. Accommodation is a possibility if this person comes from further afield. 

And, one last hurrah for October - we have a drinks tasting planned this week. Details below. Come. Join us!!!!

Wine, Beer, Cider and Cheese tasting evening this Thursday 10th October, 5pm - 8 or 9...

Message Harriet on 07717227094 or to reserve your place. Details below. So many killer wines, beers and ciders!

Wine, cider and beer flights 

3 glasses of wine, of your choice – 12

3 English sparklings - 16 (Castlewood, Furleigh and Limeburn Hill) 

Wine, cider and beer flights and cheese

Cheese plate and wine flight of 3 glasses, of your choice – 16

Cheese plate and English sparkling wine flight, 3 glasses – 20 (Castlewood, Furleigh and Limeburn Hill) 

Cheese plate and Cider flight of 3 glasses - 16 (Find & Foster traditional champagne method, Find & Foster Woodrow pet nat, Gilt & Flint spartan apple cider)

Cheese plate and beer or cider – 10

Cheese plate - 5

By the glass or bottle 

LOTS! Including, but not limited to: Castlewood, Furleigh Estate, Limeburn Hill, Lyme Bay, Gilt & Flint, Find & Foster, Brew Yonder, Farnea L'Arietta, Chateau Barouillet Bergecrac, Brand Wildersatz and Pinot Blanc, Christiano Guttarolo. Mauro Vergano aperitifs, As well as on the beer front - Tiny Rebel, Verdant, Unity, Cloudwater, Polly's Brewery, Four Elms, Little Earth Project, Binary Botanical and more.

AND a takeaway bottle list at discounted rate 

This is an opportunity to try not just local, but biodynamic and natural wines from some incredible small producers from across England and Europe. We will natter away about the differences and the producers and hopefully share some of our enthusaism for these with you. Or, we will shut up and leave you to drink in peace, if that's your preference !! Either way, expect an evening of merriment!

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