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Shadows & Spring.

We drew up our covers over the winter months and saw that shadows came in a great technicolour. We took our time to seek beyond what we thought we knew, and learned fresh ideas. Our winter was a time of re-discovery. We found new ingredients, and the vitality of new approaches to bring to our menu.

We journeyed along our coastline, and moved into thickets and forests, uncovering peaceful clearings right where we thought the trees were at their thickest; enchanted with picture perfect woodland leaves. Succulent pennywort, the emergence of larch tips, yarrow abounding. Coastal meadows twinkling with wild flowers dancing at our fingertips.

We are charmed, and grateful to find ourselves at the heart of the nature that surrounds us. Our menu becomes ever more embedded in that world, as we glide through an infinite number of subtle changes in season as each day passes.

We experience the intensity of the Alexander, as Spring marches to a head. The spiciness of Black Beach Mustard dancing with the mineral delicacy of our Portland Princess Oysters, the earthiness of Perpetual Spinach from our friends at Trill Farm Garden, and Rye from Tamarisk Farm that is milled at our Town Mill here in Lyme Regis.

We gather with increased furore as our rapture for our ingredients grows, and each dish on our menu is more firmly rooted than ever before, in the world around us. Spring is our favourite time of year, and this Spring for us is like no other.

We are exhilarated and privileged to share this with you.

An evening with us is relaxed, and we will take you on a journey of here and now. We serve 18 customers a night, and are open four nights a week, Wednesday through to Saturday evening. To book, head to the reservations page or email

From Shadow to Light... Without the night, without the winter Essential spell to discern the journey of inner Rest and reset Essential introspect Axis of circadian rhythm Energy unbound, lies within them A calm and presence Emerging effervescence

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