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...the wave of... fossiliferous fecundity is upon us

She sells seashells on the seashore. New menu for January 2020.

This time around, the almighty wave of change is... unearthing fossils. Would you believe it.  In the spirit of progress, with a new menu in the offing, and an unceasing interest in looking back at the folklore and the dark history of our spot on the Jurassic Coast, we are bombastically serving up Devil's Fingers (aka Belemnites... aka Squid), sea dragons and all sorts of other fossiliferous maritime wonders.  Committed to making Mary Anning proud, we leave no stone unturned and persist in both unrelenting curiosity... and financial hardship. And, determined as ever to make a tasty morsel, we stride forward with just the one menu for the whole month, and here it is:  (We are open Wednesday to Saturday for the whole of January, and we look forward to seeing those of you who have already booked in, and to those of you who find yourselves semi-intrigued by our grandiloquent sounding new menu, we assure you a warm and normal welcome. 'She' may have sold sea shells on the seashore, but we are surely going to immortalise them in this highfalutin new menu. We hope to see you all soon...)

January 2020 ‘Duria Antiquior’ Tasting Menu - 7.30pm sitting Breads Breads, cultured butter, seaweed oil Whipped smoked cod roe Castlewood Vintage Brut Snacks Smoked trout, milk poached turnip Chicken liver parfait, beetroot, fried rye and honey  Cured brill, pine oil, celery vinegar Squid, garum Castlewood Vintage Brut Sailors Warning  River Teign Oyster, rhubarb and verbena Furleigh Estate Bacchus Dry Gurnard Gurnard, oyster mushroom and seaweed Furleigh Estate Bacchus Fume  Rockpool Tea Smoked eel, pickled dulse DIPA Scallop Salt baked celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke Dashi, hazelnut, cured egg yolk Lyme Bay Sandbar Duck            Beetroot, black garlic, rosemary Beenleigh Reserve   Root Vegetables Parsnip miso caramel, beet meringue, carrot sorbet  Monbazar £37 Drinks pairing £32

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