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And just like that, It's February 2021.

The days are drawing out, perhaps some of you have even had the vaccine. We haven't stayed open for takeaways this time around. Instead, focussing on some exciting plans for the year ahead. Keeping busy, we feel determinedly optimistic and excited about the year ahead. News We have plans to release information on some competitions and exciting bits and pieces over the next week. Keep an eye out on our Instagram for the latest. Bookings and Vouchers We just can't wait to re-open. Our bookings calendar has been extended until the end of the year, so if there are any important dates that you would like to book in, then you can do so. Vouchers are also still available through our website if you need a gift idea for a loved one! Press Once again, we have been fortunate to get some terrific coverage for our plight to access furlough. William Sitwell wrote about this issue in The Telegraph, casting a light on us and other small businesses that have slipped through the net. Links to these articles are below.

I also had the opportunity to speak with William on his podcast, Biting Talk, which you can listen to via the Telegraph article or if you search on Spotify. Lots of love to all of you reading this, and we can't wait to see so many of your wonderful friendly faces in the coming months

Harriet & the RW team xx

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