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Staff Canteen Grilled

Sally Abé and Harriet Mansell

Series 4, Episode 12. Sally Abé picks guest Harriet Mansell to be Grilled on the Staff Canteen podcast.


William Sitwell Biting Talk

Episode 28, William Sitwell, Biting Talk Podcast

"On this episode of Biting Talk, William Sitwell chats with Dublin-born chef Robin Gill, catches up with Harriet Mansell of Lyme Regis establishment Robin Wylde, Farhad Heydari has a cocktail to beat the winter chill and Scottish restaurateur Ranald Macdonald delivers the greatest ever rendition of Robert Burn’s Ode to a Haggis."

William Sitwell Biting Talk

Episode 20, William Sitwell, Biting Talk Podcast

"On this week’s episode of Britain’s liveliest food and drink podcast William Sitwell speaks to up-and-coming talent Harriet Mansell. Her debut restaurant in Lyme Regis, Robin Wylde, opened to the public just seven days before lockdown forced its closure..."

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