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Open Kitchen

Recipe Feature in Great British Chefs Open Kitchen Book

"30 of the UK’s top chefs showcase the diversity and breadth of Britain’s culinary landscape through 50 inspirational, exclusive recipes. Step inside the kitchens of the UK’s most exciting culinary talent. The recipes have been specially adapted for the ambitious home cook, typically a food lover interested in fine dining and quality ingredients. Expect everything from traditional Malaysian, Chinese and Indian dishes, to Michelin starred Mexican and refined Modern British cooking."


Recipes to Reconnect

Recipe in Anna Boglione's Recipes to Reconnect book

"Food and conversations to re-establish the relationship between nature, food and self, with recipes from Petersham chefs and beyond."- Anna Boglione

Around the Table

Recipe feature in Great British Chefs Around the Table Book

"Featuring 70 brand-new recipes divided into seven chapters, Around The Table combines cheffy twists with comforting, shareable dishes that are perfect for all manner of occasions."- Great British Chefs


Hosipitality for Heroes

Recipe feature in Hospitality for Heroes book

"Feed the NHS and cook like a pro"- Hospitality for Heroes. 

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