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Rock Samphire

Rock Samphire season starts in early summer, around May time, and ends around October.




Rock Samphire is very succulent in appearance with thick, green, rounded fronds, that look a little like antlers. It flowers with little white, yellow umbels.


Rock Samphire is a coastal plant that loves a rocky landscape. It can be found growing out of walls, sea defences, coastal paths or rocky shorelines.


Rock Samphire is often referred to as Sea Fennel due to its fennel like flavour. As it grows by the sea it is mildly salty but highly aromatic, it is pungent and floral. It is mildly bitter, but not overpoweringly so. In the restaurant we always have a batch of pickled Rock Samphire on reserve, it makes a perfect garnish to vamp up a dish. It can also be used raw for an extra fresh crunch and burst of flavour.

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