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Soft Launches at The Pop Up Kitchen in Lyme Regis

We, (Harriet and Patsy) at Robin Wylde, are thrilled to be taking on 3 nights a week at The Pop Up Kitchen in Lyme Regis, commencing the 21st May 2019 and running through until the 15th October 2019.

Come and try our seaweed crisps, hand harvested from around Lyme Bay; a mixture of Dulse, Sugar Kelp and Forest Kelp. We have cleaned, dehydrated and 'crisped' these to accompany our mackerel tartare that we cure in celery vinegar and some other special ingredients.

On Monday 6th, we will host a soft launch for our family and friends from 4pm onwards, to get ourselves going and showcase some of our food and drinks list. We do have some extra spaces here, and are really happy to see as many faces as possible, so please if you do want to come along to this, it's free of charge for some casual drinks and snacks on a bank holiday monday, so get in touch and we will let you know if we have more spaces.

Our next soft launch will be open to the public fully, on Tuesday 14th May, from 6pm - 9pm, tickets are £10.00 for which you will receive two drinks and a wide selection of snacks that will showcase our food and menu. There will be lots of things to sample, alongside some beautiful, interesting and different local beers, ciders and natural wines. Email for enquiries or to book a spot.

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