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Pine is an evergreen conifer meaning its needles are available all year round. The cones are best harvested when young and green typically in late spring, early summer. 




Pine has needles rather than leaves, the needles of a pine tree are long, dark green and grow in groups along the branch, usually in clusters of 2, 3 or 5. Pine cones have a wooden scale like formation.


Pine trees thrive on heaths and are a common occurrence in forests.


Pine is one of our favourite ingredients in the restaurant, it's been on our menu in countless forms. It has a very herbaceous, woody, citrussy flavour and can be quite tannic making a lovely addition to our soft drinks pairing. The needles can be infused into syrups and teas and we very often have a pine kombucha on our menu. The needles can be blitzed down into liquids to give a much more intense piney hit too, one of our favourite examples of this is our pine yoghurt sorbet, a long standing Robin Wylde feature.

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